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Finding qualified workers is hard. Spur makes hiring those workers easy, as the only end-to-end digital staffing solution on the market today. We handle everything from recruitment to training and engagement all through our platform. Here is our promise to you:

  • Reliable, qualified + motivated workers you can depend upon
  • Reduced administrative burdens so you can reallocate your time and resources
  • The lowest markups in the industry to save your organization money

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Our Technology

Hiring + Recruitment

Collaboratively develop custom recruitment plans to identify and hire the workers you need using our data-informed approach, resulting in exceptionally high fill rates.

Onboarding + Training

Choose which preferred workers get the first pick of jobs, while Spur ensures they are fully onboarded and trained to work for you.

Filling Jobs + Worker Notifications

Easily post jobs to Spur, where mobile push notifications inform workers of available jobs in real time to fill your jobs fast.

Quality Control + Rating System

Spur’s five-star rating system provides quick-and-easy qualitative feedback on worker performance.

Time Capture + Verification

Worker location is verified using GPS authentication each time a Spur worker clocks in and out through our app, giving you peace of mind knowing your jobs are covered.

Payments + Reporting

Pay workers effortlessly through Spur while running and exporting custom reports on-demand and as needed with our configurable report writer.

Find Workers

We create custom recruitment plans to fill any and all temporary positions at your organization.

Spurs keeps workers engaged and motivated through communication, training, recognition, and incentives, allowing them to easily respond to vacant positions and thrive in the organizations they serve. We foster the development of a self-reinforcing cycle of positivity – performance > satisfaction > motivation — by embedding three factors into the Spur experience:

  • Meaningfulness of work
  • Responsibility for outcomes of work
  • Knowledge of tangible work-activity results
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"Try Spur. This concept opens doors to staffing your business with an "as-needed" staff and alleviates the stress of small-business ownership."

Table in the Garden

"Since we’re a small business, we can't afford a full-time or even part-time worker. We now have the ability to hire workers as needed. We love the flexibility and have found some awesome workers with Spur."

La Rue French Macarons

"Staffing for events has always been one of our hardest tasks. With Spur, we don’t have to worry anymore. I post our jobs, see who and how many are coming, and we are fully prepared with our staff."

Endless Catering, LLC

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  • Huntsville
  • Nashville
  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Houston
  • Atlanta

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  • Dallas

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