Changing the Future of Employment for Businesses

Our ambition is to be the industry leader in simplifying great employment so businesses can focus on what really matters. Growing business.

  • Achieving the lowest possible cost of employment
  • Minimizing the time spent on administration and logistics
  • Making it easy for businesses to do good for their workers like offering health insurance, paid sick leave, and other services and perks

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Our Expertise

Hiring & Onboarding

You handle recruiting of new employees, we’ll handle the hiring and onboarding including compliance, reporting, and help with retention.

Insurance & Benefits

Our affordable insurance program and our benefits and perks help you differentiate your business to candidates and help you keep your best workers.

Scheduling & Time Tracking

Our accurate scheduling and time tracking system makes it simple for you to set schedules and approve time. We do the rest.


Payroll is time consuming. Gain back every minute with Spur. Review your workers’ timecards, add additional wages such as tips, or don’t lift a finger while your workers get paid weekly.

Legal & Regulatory Labor Compliance

Workers comp and unemployment require very specific reporting and filing. Spur manages your workers compensation and your unemployment insurance programs from claims to audit requests.

HR Administration

Employees need support. We act as your barrier and provide them with best in class support to respond to all of their needs so they can be productive.

The best part? We do all of this at a low cost.

Most employers spend hundreds of dollars per employee each year on HR, payroll, and workforce logistics.

Not to mention the value of their time spent managing the administrative burden of employment.

With Spur as your partner, we eliminate all of the employment administration responsibilities above at a cost that is lower than what is traditionally paid piecing together software solutions, PEOs, and internal resources.

Our Pricing

"Spur has completely eliminated hourly employee HR and payroll administration for our hotels. This has saved our managers countless hours each day."

Yedla Hotel Management

"Spur has friendly and efficient customer service and an innovative and open approach to business. The platform has exceeded our expectations with its features that fit the needs of our business."

Honest Coffee Roasters

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