The Only Full Service HR + Payroll Solution

Relying on fragmented employment solutions or PEOs to offload a portion of HR and payroll responsibilities is cumbersome and expensive for businesses.

Spur allows businesses to completely remove all hourly worker HR and payroll burdens and eliminates the need for third party software.

  • Eliminate internal HR and payroll management
  • Eliminate internal risk due to compliance issues related to employment
  • Simplified schedule management and time review
  • Competitive benefits and services for hourly workers

Benefits of Joining Spur

Mobile App for Workers

Our app makes it easy for workers to access all of their HR-related needs including their employment files, pay preferences, pay stubs, time clock, and shift schedules.

All HR Compliance & Support

Let us handle all of the regulatory compliance as well as all HR support services.

Simplified Shift Management

You can easily create shifts and allow workers on their team to pick up these shifts all through our web platform.

Benefits + Perks Administration

Spur workers get access to workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, sick leave, and other exclusive perks and benefits.

Integrated Time Clock

Workers can easily punch in and out via our mobile app, and you can see all punch details and dispute or adjust their time cards if needed.

Full Payroll + Tax Administration

Spur handles all payroll and withholdings including tax filings.

Spur offers a new way of managing your hourly workforce. Let our experts handle all of your HR and payroll needs so you can focus on growing the business you love. The best part? We’ll do all of this at no additional cost to you!

  • No more dealing with HR paperwork and employment regulations
  • No more payroll processing and tax filings
  • Less expensive than managing these functions internally
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"Spur has friendly and efficient customer service and an innovative and open approach to business. The platform has exceeded our expectations with its features that fit the needs of our business."

Honest Coffee Roasters

"Since we’re a small business, we can't afford a full-time or even part-time worker. We now have the ability to hire workers as needed. We love the flexibility and have found some awesome workers with Spur."

La Rue French Macaron

"Staffing for events has always been one of our hardest tasks. With Spur, we don’t have to worry anymore. I post our jobs, see who and how many are coming, and we are fully prepared with our staff."

Endless Catering, LLC

Current Cities

  • Atlanta
  • Birmingham
  • Houston
  • Huntsville
  • Montgomery
  • Orlando

Coming Soon

  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • New York City

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