Endless Job Opportunities

You want a job that is rewarding, offers great benefits, and lets you live life on your terms. At Spur, our mission is to be the most worker-centric company. We’re here to better your life!

  • Reliable work opportunities
  • Access to better quality healthcare
  • Faster pay – weekly paychecks
  • 24/7 access to training + professional development
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Benefits of Spur

We make it easy for you to discover jobs, be prepared, and get to work through the Spur mobile app.

  • Easy application, screening + interview process
  • 30-minute digital onboarding
  • All-access training
  • Flexible healthcare options
  • Job opportunities tailored to your preferences
  • Start/end shifts + get paid
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Your Earnings

Spur pays you faster than any other staffing company today—within six days of your completed shift. Our in-app mobile wallet shows your post-shift earnings, so you always know how much you’ll be paid each week.

Find Jobs

Every part of the application process occurs within the Spur app, including a cognitive and behavioral evaluation; knowledge, skills, and credentials screening; and a full background check.

Tax forms and I-9 verification are easy, with zero paperwork required. Once you’re an approved new hire, you can create your worker profile on Spur. You have access to dozens of job opportunities, and a training library to grow your professional skills.

Here are the jobs you could be working on Spur:

Featured Jobs

Hospitality & Food Service

Office & Administrative Assistants

Health Care

Education and Personal Care

Building & Grounds

Transportation & General Labor

"If you have extra time, you can apply to jobs that suit your schedule, and you get paid weekly. The people I have met have been awesome!"


"I choose when I can work. I have been telling friends for years I have time to work, but I want to work on my own schedule. I don't want to be trapped in a job with two weeks of holiday per year. "


Current Cities

  • Huntsville
  • Nashville
  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Houston
  • Atlanta

Coming Soon

  • Dallas