Endless Opportunities + Benefits

Spur’s mission is to help you improve your life by giving you better access to more opportunities:

  • Exclusive access to all jobs at Spur partner workplaces
  • Increased flexibility as to when and where to work
  • Better transparency into available jobs, pay, and required credentials
  • Access to training/credentialing required to increase your earnings
  • Exclusive benefits and perks (health care, savings plans, discounts on services, and more)
  • Faster access to earnings through weekly pay
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Our mobile app makes it easy for you to join our team, continue working at your current workplace, and grow your experience and reputation.

  • Available in the Apple Store + Google Play
  • Easy sign-up process
  • 30-minute digital onboarding
  • All-access training
  • Access to side gigs to boost your earning potential
  • Ability to grow your reputation + experience
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Your Earnings

Spur pays you fast! Our in-app mobile wallet shows your post-shift earnings, so you always know how much you’ll be paid each week.

Find Jobs

Every part of the application process occurs within the Spur app, including knowledge, skills, and credentials screening; and a full background check.

Tax forms and I-9 verification are easy, with zero paperwork required. Once you’re an approved new hire, you can create your worker profile on Spur. You have access to dozens of job opportunities, and a training library to grow your professional skills.

Here are the jobs you could be working on Spur:

Featured Jobs

Hospitality + Food Service

Office + Administrative Assistants


Education + Personal Care

Building + Grounds

Transportation + General Labor

"If you have extra time, you can apply to jobs that suit your schedule, and you get paid weekly. The people I have met have been awesome!"


"I choose when I can work. I have been telling friends for years I have time to work, but I want to work on my own schedule. I don't want to be trapped in a job with two weeks of holiday per year. "


Current Cities

  • Huntsville
  • Nashville
  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Houston
  • Atlanta

Coming Soon

  • Dallas