We have pricing plans for all business sizes. Choose an option below to learn how we can help your business simplify employment at an affordable cost.

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Billed Monthly Billed Annually

All Plans Include:

  • Spur Scheduling + Time Tracking Software
  • Full Service Employment Management
  • HR Regulation + Compliance Coverage
  • Spur Benefits + Perks Program for Workers


Billed Monthly
The following employment costs are billed separately per employee:
  • Workplace Paid Benefits
  • Spur Workers Comp
  • Spur Unemployment Insurance
  • FICA Payroll Taxes (SS + Medicare)

We’ve Got You + Your Workers Covered

  • Full Service Employment Management:
    • Employee Onboarding + Verification of Eligibility to Work
    • Automated Weekly Payroll Processing
    • All Year-End Processing
    • ACA Compliance + Reporting
    • Wage + Hour Compliance
    • EEOC Compliance + Reporting
    • Benefits Administration
    • Management of Employment + Labor Regulation Compliance
    • Employment Verification Services
  • Spur Scheduling + Time Tracking Software
  • Indemnification Against Employment + Labor Regulatory Compliance
  • Workplace Safety Planning + Guidance
  • Workers Comp + Unemployment Claims Management

Workers transitioned to Spur get access to:

  • Free Mobile App
  • 24/7/365 Support Hotline
  • Spur’s Benefits + Perks Program
  • Mediation + Coaching for HR Related Disputes

Your Questions Answered

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

You can choose month-to-month service with Spur, or you can sign up for a year or longer for a discount.

Are there any other fees involved?

There are no hidden fees with Spur’s pricing plans. Our pricing includes a monthly subscription fee per worker, and the following employment costs are billed separately per employee:

  • Spur Workers Comp
  • Spur Unemployment Insurance
  • FICA Payroll Taxes (SS + Medicare)
  • Workplace Paid Benefits

For most businesses, the costs for workers comp and unemployment insurance through Spur are comparable to their current rates. However, you get the added benefit of Spur managing all of this for you. No more managing workers’ comp, unemployment claims, or dealing with payroll tax filings.

Do you offer benefits to Spur workers?

Spur offers eligible workers the ability to enroll in minimum essential coverage medical plans as well as supplemental fixed-indemnity benefits. All of our plans are ACA compliant. We also have additional benefits which our workplaces may offer at affordable rates with enhanced coverage options. These costs are billed separately and directly to the workplace for each enrolled worker (monthly in advance).

How and when do I pay?

There are two billing options when joining Spur: monthly or annually. If you choose to be billed monthly, you will get an invoice from us at the start of each month. If you choose annual billing, we will bill you for the number of employees you’re transitioning to Spur for the year. The following employment costs will be billed weekly, per employee:

  • Spur Workers Comp
  • Spur Unemployment Insurance
  • FICA Payroll Taxes (SS + Medicare)

You can conveniently pay through ACH.

What is the cost if I add additional employees?

You pay per employee, per month. The more employees you add to Spur, the less you pay! See above for our plans.

Does it cost the same for a part-time employee and a full time employee?

Costs are based on number of employees regardless of how many hours they work per month.

Is there a cost or penalty if I decide to no longer use Spur?

There is no cost or penalty. We do ask for a 30-day notice so we can help you with the transition.

Is there a contract length?

You can choose month-to-month or annually.

How long will it take to onboard my business and workers onto Spur?

We make onboarding simple and easy for your business and workers. It typically takes one week to get your team set up and trained to use Spur. A dedicated Spur account manager will be with you throughout onboarding and beyond.