We Won’t Let You Make an Expensive Mistake

Unlike other HR and payroll solutions, Spur ensures you’re always in compliance by automating and controlling how certain functions are done within our system.

24/7/365 HR Support Team

We have a highly trained, passionate team of HR professionals on standby to support you and your employees. This relieves you and your team from the stress of having to field employee questions or concerns related to HR. Rest easy knowing there are friendly people a phone call away to help.

We’ve Got Your Back

Worried we might mess up and leave you hanging? No way! With Spur, we stand behind our system and provide a guarantee on our compliance guardrails by indemnifying you against key employment administration risk areas like: wage & hour violations, FMLA, ACA, HIPAA, IRCA, and COBRA.

Ready to eliminate all your HR and payroll headaches?

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