Special Education Aide

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Spur is looking for punctual and professional special education paraprofessionals for the Hoover area. The ideal candidate will have a friendly and approachable attitude, understanding the importance of supporting teachers and/or school staff in enhancing the learning environment for students. The primary duty of this position will be working alongside teachers and staff in their day-to-day activities. Must have prior experience working alongside children, and the ability to work on an on-call basis. Must be able to lift heavy objects up to 65 lbs. Candidates are expected to maintain a professional appearance.

Duties expected of this position are:

  • Assisting in preparation of instructional materials and physical environment
  • Assisting in planning and preparation for group and individual activities
  • Supervising students as assigned, during instructional and non-instructional activities
  • Providing individual and group instructional support to reinforce skills
  • Providing enrichment and remedial assistance as required
  • Assisting with testing and evaluation to determine student progress
  • Participating in activities that will develop positive interaction in the instructional process
  • Performing other related tasks as assigned
Job Type: Long Term
Pay Rate: $14.37
Location: Hoover, Alabama