Senior Box Specialist

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Spur is looking for hard-working and enthusiastic candidates to fill senior box specialist roles with the Houston Food Bank. The ideal candidate will have a friendly and approachable attitude as well as an understanding of the importance of procedures. The primary objective of the senior box specialist position will be to distribute boxes of Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) food, as well as ensuring proper recordkeeping around them.

Duties expected of this position are:

  • Reporting to assigned Senior Box Program distribution sites up to 1 hour before the distribution time to greet clients, pass out numbers, set up computer and paperwork, and process clients
  • Verifying and processing identification, program status, enrolling new participants, and re-certifying existing clients
  • Directing and advising clients as needed
  • Enforcing procedures around requirements of sub-distributing agencies
  • Manage site distribution to ensure timely delivery
  • Safe-keeping and maintenance of computer equipment used for box issuance and information gathering


Job Type: Long Term
Pay Rate: $15
Location: Houston, Texas