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Spur is looking for hard-working and efficient candidates to fill agricultural inspector roles for the NMSU Department of Agriculture in Las Cruces. The ideal candidate for this position is able to efficiently work with industry personnel, as well as proficient in establishing and maintaining worker relationships. Candidates are required to have a High School diploma or equivalent GED certificate, as well as a valid drivers license. Travel with personal vehicle may be required, which is reimbursed upon receival of a legible mileage report. Workday and hours depend entirely on the workload. It could be up to 7 days a week up to 12 hours a day, with the exceptional short day at times. Must have a basic understanding of commodity inspection procedures, as well as record keeping procedures. May be asked to use tools/equipment common to the agricultural inspection. Must be able to flow written and oral instructions, as well as communicate effectively with fellow workers and the public.

Duties of this position include:

  • Interpret and applying the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act and the New Mexico Verification and Record and Requirements Rule
  • Performing routine inspection work
  • Making a verification and determination of chile plants that are being grown at farm locations
  • Collecting and analyzing data in regards to chile record keeping
  • May perform routine inspections work at retail locations
  • May issue stop-sale or removal orders with respect to any violation of the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act
  • General housekeeping
  • Performing related duties as assigned
Job Type: Seasonal
Pay Rate: $12.5
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico