Pay Cards

What is a Pay Card?

A Pay Card is an electronic alternative to receiving a paper check.  Each payroll period, your net pay is deposited onto your Pay Card. You can then use the card to access your money in a variety of convenient ways.

How do Spur’s Pay Cards Work?

Spur employees can elect to receive their pay onto a Payroll Card, or Pay Card, each week. Spur provides Fintwist Pay Cards from Comdata, the largest provider of MasterCards in the country, and are a great alternative to getting your pay faster and more securely than paper checks. Paycards work just like a debit card. Every Friday your pay will be deposited onto the Spur Pay Card. You can then use that card to withdraw your wages from an ATM or bank, make purchases, or even pay bills online.

Are there any fees for using a Pay Card?

You may withdraw your pay in full by going to a teller at a participating bank for a cash disbursement (“Bank Teller Withdrawal”), or by using an in-network ATM at no cost. You can also use your pay card for purchases (non-PIN transactions) at no cost. See the link below for a full list of what transactions are at no cost, and what transactions have a fee attached.

What happens if I do not receive or activate my pay-card before payday?

Your funds will be deposited on the pay-card account, and will be accessible as soon as the card is activated.

Is there a cut off date for turning in my pay-card application to ensure that it is available on pay day?

As long as your application is turned in by Friday at noon, your pay for the current week will be added to your new pay-card on the following pay day.