OCPS Clear MVR Certificate

Prior to working in and for Orange County Public Schools, all contracted personnel must complete the following steps to secure their OCPS Clear MVR + 5 yrs driving history clearance certificate. 

Schedule an Interview

Please contact Spur 866-957-9142 to schedule an in-person interview with Orange County Public Schools. Once your interview is scheduled please report at your scheduled time to:

Transportation Services – OCPS
Justin Radtke Personnel and Employee Services Manager
6721 Hanging Moss Road
Orlando, FL  32807

Bring your driver’s license to the interview.

Please note that the following items reflected in an MVR will deem a candidate as ineligible or employment as a bus driver with OCPS.

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) within the last ten years.
  • Reckless driving within the last ten years.
  • Railroad crossing offenses within the last five years.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident within the last six years.
  • Falsifying an accident report.
  • Speeding in a school zone within the last six years.
  • Failure to report an accident in the last six years.
  • Passing a stopped school bus within the last six years.
  • Speed in excess of twenty-one miles per hour over the posted speed limit within the last six years.
  • More than one careless driving within the last five years.
  • At-fault accident resulting in a fatality.
  • Loss of driver’s license for traffic-related offenses or violations or for multiple non-traffic related offenses.
  • Two or more moving violations other than those listed above where points are received or withheld in the last six years

Receive Certificate from Spur

Once your MVR is returned to OCPS (usually within five business days) OCPS will email Spur confirmation of your MVR approval. Spur will notify you by sending a certificate of clearance.

Documenting this Qualification

Upload a copy of your OCPS Clear MVR Certificate in the Spur app.

  1. To upload into the Spur app go to the search tool in the bottom left side in the app
  2. Under qualifications select “View All”
  3. Find the qualification labeled “OCPS Clear MVR Certificate”
  4. Select I have this qualification.
  5. Click next
  6. Upload a clear picture of the certificate that was emailed to you
  7. Click submit.

A Spur representative will approve your qualification.