North East ISD Required Documents

The HR department of North East ISD requires all workers to review different aspects of their Employment Board and Policies regulations. You must read all the information below as well as read all the attachments to continue.

Please note that North East ISD is a Drug-Free Workplace

As a condition of employment, an employee shall abide by the terms of the following drug-free workplace provisions. An employee shall notify the Superintendent in writing if the employee is convicted for a violation of a criminal drug statute occurring in the workplace in accordance with Arrests, Indictments, Convictions, and Other Adjudications, below.0

An employee shall not manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess, use, or be under the influence of any of the following substances during working hours while on District property or at school-related activities during or outside of usual working hours:

  1. Any controlled substance or dangerous drug as defined by law, including but not limited to marijuana, any narcotic drug, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, amphetamine, or barbiturate.
  2. Alcohol or any alcoholic beverage.
  3. Any abusable glue, aerosol paint, or any other chemical substance for inhalation.
  4. Any other intoxicant or mood-changing, mind-altering, or behavior-altering drug.

An employee need not be legally intoxicated to be considered “under the influence” of a controlled substance.

Below are the titles for 5 additional documents that you must read. Please access each attachment and read over the document.

  • Employee Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (local)
  • Student Welfare
  • Student Welfare: Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Student Welfare: Freedom from Bullying
  • Employee Standard of Conduct 

Once you have read the Drug-Free Workplace notice as well as the attachments, please follow the following link to acknowledge that you have completed this requirement.

Acknowledgment of completion: click here.