Jason Flatt Act Training

You must complete 2 hours of Jason Flatt Act suicide awareness and prevention training annually.  Online training is available through The Jason Foundation. You must complete this training annually, even if you have previously completed it. 

Follow the steps below to obtain this qualification through The Jason Foundation:

  1. Click the “For more information” button below, and create an account by selecting register on The Jason Foundation’s website.

    To register, you will need to enter in your Name, Email, Create and User id and password for the Jason Foundation website. You will be prompted to select the position in the school, grade level, and the number of students. If you have not yet worked in a school, please enter the information for what you are interested in working.For the School/Organization Info, you will enter in the Board of Education information for the school district.
  2. From the Two-Hour Courses, select Youth Suicide: “A Silent Epidemic”,  and click “View this Course”.
  3. On the next screen, click “Take this Course”.
  4. Click the first lesson in the course to begin. Complete the entire course online.
  5. You will receive a link to your certificate in an email titled “JFI Course completed!”, or you can download it by clicking “Certificates” from the menu on the Jason Foundation website after you complete the course.
  6. Follow the link to your certificate page, and click “Print Your Certificate”.
  7. To document this qualification, upload a copy or take a photo of your course completion certificate.

For more information, visit https://learn.jasonfoundation.com/blog/category/2-credit-hours/