Injured on the Job?

Step 1: Assess the Injury

If the injury is severe or life-threatening, call 911 for immediate medical attention. If less severe, obtain first aid if possible to stabilize the injury.

Step 2: Notify Spur

After an accident occurs on the job, you must notify Spur immediately if your injuries allow you to do so. A coworker or other party within the vicinity of the accident may notify Spur if you cannot. You can notify Spur of your injury by calling: 1-866-957-9142.

Step 3: Obtain Spur Medical Release & First Report of Injury

Spur Medical Release Form: Upon communicating to Spur that you or your Spur-employed coworker has sustained a workplace injury, you will be provided with a medical release that you will take with you to your approved medical provider. This helps the provider to more quickly process you and identify the account details for your employer.

First Report of Injury Form: In addition to the medical release form, you will also be provided with a First Report of Injury Form. It is important that you complete and return this form within 48 hours to ensure that your injury is reported by the 5-business-day reporting deadline. This form will serve as full documentation of the sustained injury and allows us to file your injury with our Workers Compensation insurance provider. You must complete the First Report of Injury form whether you will be seeking medical attention for your injury or simply reporting a minor injury that does not require medical attention. Failure to do this step can impact claim eligibility.

Step 4: Medical Attention

If your injury is severe and requires medical attention, you should report immediately to the closest approved Spur Occupation Health Group provider. Please reference Spur’s provider panel for a list of approved medical providers in your area. This list will be provided to you when you report your injury to Spur.