Information regarding W2s

Spur partnered with a 3rd party this year to allow workers to obtain their W2 electronically. You should have received an email on or before 1.25.19. If you opted for an electronic W2, then you would create an account with efile4biz and have access to download your document. 

Please note that if you did not opt for an electronic version, these were mailed out on January 25, 2019.

Please see below for some frequently asked questions surrounding W2s.

  • Why did I not receive my W2 at my address?
    • There could be a variety of reasons that you have not received your W2. Please contact support at [email protected] if you have not received it by the second week of February. Keep in mind, if you opted for an electronic version, you will not get a paper copy.
  • I updated my address in Rolecall, why did it not go to that address?
    • If you recently updated your address, this could be the root cause
  • My W2 was mailed to an incorrect address, when will I get it back?
    • If your W2 was sent to the wrong address, we will mail it back out as soon as it is returned.
  • When I try to update my address in the Spur app, it populates with an incorrect address.
    • We use Google maps to pull address location if your address will not populate, please contact support.
  • What is the EIN?
    • Spur’s EIN number is 90-0946444.
  • What is the state id number?
    • Spur’s EIN and State ID is 90-0946444.
  • What will I need to if my social is wrong?
    • If your social security number is wrong, please contact support so we can help you get this sorted out.
  • What will I need to do if my name is misspelled?
    • If your name is misspelled,, please contact support so we can help you get this sorted out.
  • I opted to get my W2 online.  Will I get a paper copy mailed to me?
    • If you opted for an electronic version of your W2 then you will not receive a paper copy of the document.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to support at 1-866-957-9142 or email at [email protected].