Florida, Orange County Bus Driver Required Documents

Please follow the following steps if you are interested in working for Orange County as a bus driver.

  1. Join the Orange Co. Bus Driver Step One Team.
  2. Orange County will conduct a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check
  3. Once passed Spur will contact you to coordinate an in-person interview with Orange County
  4. If selected to move forward candidate will complete & provide CDL Learner’s Permit for a Class B License with Passenger and School Bus Endorsements or valid Class B License with Passenger and School Bus Endorsements. 
  5. Next, the candidate will conduct mandatory drug testing and fingerprint check 
  6. Once verified and cleared candidate to join the Orange Co. School Bus Driver Training on the Spur app. and take DOT School Bus Physical in person (for more details click here).
  7. Next, OCP will conduct their Human Resource clearance.
  8. Once HR clears the candidate, successful completion of School Bus Operator Certification through OCPS will take place.

Once the above steps are completed the Spur worker may attend a paid orientation with OCPS.