Disciplinary Policies

We want to make working for Spur an awesome and desirable experience. The following policies help ensure that Spur is fair to everyone:

When applying progressive discipline, Spur will typically utilize the three-strike system for handbook infractions. The following infractions are so serious that they are not subject to the three-strike system but instead will result in an immediate suspension of your account and may result in termination:

  • Acting as a no call, no show (failing to show up to a job without giving the workplace prior notice)
  • Entering time dishonestly
  • Fighting at the workplace
  • Showing up to a job under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Engaging in any form of harassment

When utilizing the three-strike progressive discipline system, the following infraction(s) will accrue various levels of strikes:

  • 1 Strike: Canceling within 12 hours of job start time
  • 1 Strike: Receiving a report of bad performance on a job

In applying progressive discipline, Spur retains the right to determine an appropriate level of strikes to apply to particular conduct. If you reach the 3-strike limit, your account will be immediately suspended and you will be removed from all future jobs. A Spur representative will review your account and make a determination on your employment status with Spur.

Because the use of such a protocol is entirely within Spur’s discretion and may not always be appropriate, employees should not expect or feel entitled to the use of the “three-strikes” policy. When Spur deems it appropriate, coaching will be provided to allow the employee the opportunity to improve performance with the exception of infractions or misconduct affecting safety or well-being which will almost always necessitate immediate corrective action.