ALSDE Background Check

If you have questions about the background check process, please do not contact ALSDE or the school district directly. Please read the information below, and contact Spur if you have additional questions.

Obtaining this Qualification

  1. From Gemalto’s website (also linked below), click REGISTER ONLINE under the Registration tab. You will fill out some information on Gemalto’s website. 
  2. As your application type, select the appropriate classification:
    • If you are applying to be a substitute teacher, select SUBSTITUTE TEACHER LICENSE.
    • If you are applying to be a school bus driver, select EMPLOYMENT AS A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER.
    • If you are applying for any other school-based position, select EMPLOYMENT IN A CLASSIFIED POSITION.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire, selecting “Public” for the type of employing institution and then selecting the name of the school district for which you are applying to work through Spur. You will also need a photo ID to fill out this section.
  4. Pay online for the background check via credit card (online) or via money order. To access your receipt of payment, click PROOF OF TRANSACTION (RECEIPTS) under the Print Site Locations tab of Gemalto’s website.
  5. Select FIND A PRINT LOCATION under the Helpful Links tab of Gemalto’s website. Your fingerprinting location require an appointment, so contact them ahead of time so that you know what to expect. Either way, you will need to take your receipt to the fingerprinting location with you. If you paid by money order, you also need to take your money order to the fingerprinting location.

NOTES: You can review your registration status, modify your registration, or cancel your registration under the Registration tab of Gemalto’s website.

Documenting this Qualification

  • OPTION 1: Upload a copy of your credentials.
    • SUBSTITUTE TEACHER: Upload a copy of your valid teaching certificate from the Alabama State Department of Education, or take a photo of this document.
    • OTHER POSITIONS: Upload a copy of your suitability letter from the State of Alabama Department of Education, certifying the results of your background check, or take a photo of the letter.
  • OPTION 2: Navigate to the ALSDE Certification Search at
    • Search for your background check results using the lookup fields on the page. When your certificate appears, click the “Print” button in the upper, left corner of the page, and set your printer to “Save as PDF”. Download the PDF of your results, and upload it as documentation. Or, when your certificate appears, take a photo of it, and upload that photo as documentation.

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