Alabama Substitute Teacher License

To receive an Alabama substitute teaching license, please complete the requirements below.

NOTE: DO NOT contact ALSDE or the School district directly if you have questions.

Please read all the information below and contact Spur directly if you have questions at 1-866-957-9142.

Obtaining this Qualification

  1. Print out and complete this form.
    • If the link to the form doesn’t work: You can always find the page by navigating to the Certification help page and clicking “I would like to be a substitute teacher”.
  2. You must pay the application fee. There are 3 ways to pay.
    1. Online – Be sure to print your payment proof.
    2. Money Order
    3. Cashier’s check
  3. Gather your completed substitute license application, proof of payment, and a copy of your high school diploma (or higher) and follow the necessary steps for the school district where you are applying to work.
    • NOTE: Proof of payment: money order, cashier’s check, or a copy of the online receipt.
  4. After you have submitted your application, it will typically take 3 weeks to process, at which point you can use the TCERT website ( in order to find a verification of your substitute license.
  5. How will you know your application is processed? You will be able to tell that it is processed as you will see a “1” appear under the right-hand side category, “Lic.” and you will see “Valid” next to the description of your license in the box below your name.