AL DHR Background Check

Obtaining this Qualification

  1. From Gemalto’s website (also linked below), click REGISTER ONLINE under the Registration tab. You will fill out some information on Gemalto’s website. 
  2. Fill out the questionnaire, selecting the correct information for the following boxes:
    • Category: EMPLOYMENT
    • Reason Fingerprint: DAY CARE CENTER
    • DHR-affiliated Requesting Agency: Use the lookup to select APPLETON AFTERSCHOOL LABS
  3. Pay online for the background check via credit card (online) or via money order. To access your receipt of payment, click PROOF OF TRANSACTION (RECEIPTS) under the Print Site Locations tab of Gemalto’s website. 
  4. Select PRINT LOCATIONS & HOURS under the Print Site Locations tab of Gemalto’s website. Your fingerprinting location require an appointment, so contact them ahead of time so that you know what to expect. Either way, you will need to take your receipt to the fingerprinting location with you. If you paid by money order, you also need to take your money order to the fingerprinting location.

NOTES: You can review your registration status, modify your registration, or cancel your registration under the Registration tab of Gemalto’s website.

Documenting this Qualification

Upload a copy of your suitability letter from the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources, certifying the results of your background check, or take a photo of the letter.

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