Technology Is a Recruiter’s Best Friend in 2019

Posted on January 4, 2019

Recruiting workers is hard. Adding technology to your efforts in 2019 will allow you to attract quality candidates easily. The right technology will help you make connections, cultivate relationships, and simplify complex hiring processes.

Embrace the technology below, and you’ll be the 2019 recruitment star at your business.


With 95 percent of Americans now owning cell phones, text messaging is an increasingly popular tool to accomplish interviews and applicant screenings more quickly and efficiently. According to Staffing Hub’s 2018 State of Staffing report, fast-growing firms leveraged text messaging and social media more often than slow-growth firms. The convenience, speed, and response rate of text messaging make it a potentially powerful tool for hiring organizations.

Social Search + Client Relationship Management Software

Streamline how you find great candidates by using processes like social search and tools like CRMs (Client Relationship Management Software).

Social search allows you to quickly find quality workers without spending time manually searching. Social search tools use algorithms to “scrape” social media sites (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others) for publicly available information about candidates for you to pick and choose from.

A CRM will help you stay organized. It will make it easy for you to manage your active and passive candidates going through your recruitment processes, all in one place.

Online Engagement

Great candidates are not merely on the web–they’re also engaged. According to Inc., nearly 80 percent of job hunters conduct at least part of their search on social media. Are you actively recruiting on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Use these social sites to share valuable content that will attract potential candidates. Share your job openings, information about your work culture, and thought leadership in your industry.

Learn more about how you can take your recruitment efforts to the next level in 2019 by downloading our 2019 State of Worker Acquisition Report.