Our Company

We’re making work for hourly workers work better. 

Spur is a tech-enabled PEO specifically designed for hourly workers.  We make HR, payroll and compliance handsfree, so workplaces can spend less on back office administration and invest more in their people— including affordable, quality health insurance, 401Ks, pre-tax benefits and a suite of other perks that hourly workers find pretty awesome.

Our Leadership Team

Glenn Clayton: Founder & CEO

Jason Chung: President

Adam Campbell: Chief Technology Officer

Maria Gallione: VP of Sales & Marketing

Chris Hand: Head of Customer Experience

Board of Directors

Wes Barton: Board Member, Third Prime, Managing Partner.

Mark Bezos: Board Member

Jason Chung: Board Member, Spur, President

Glenn Clayton: Board Member, Spur, Founder & CEO

Andrew Kaplan: Board Member

Our Values



More than mere respect, we recognize the inherent value and worth of the workers and workplaces we serve.


Pioneer Soul

We believe to change the future of employment, we must have the willingness to blaze new paths for the opportunity to create a better future.



We believe it’s not only important to have a strong moral foundation, but to act it out consistently in a forthright, honest way. At Spur, we always strive to do the right thing because for us, it’s the only thing to do.


Ruthlessly Considered

We do not believe in being all things to all people, or to serve customers with an endless variety of options and choices. Rather, we have strong beliefs around what works and what doesn’t, and we use this to inform an extraordinarily simple product experience.


Playfully Frank

While mission is important, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Spur embraces its playful, quirky nature, and believes that allowing people to be themselves is an important part of what makes the company feel like a family.

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