A Worker-Centric Employment Platform

We save businesses time and money by making it easier to manage and find hourly workers. Our mission is to help these workers improve their lives by giving them better access to more opportunities.

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Finding, managing, and retaining hourly workers is hard. We offer businesses “Employment-as-a-Service”. We not only provide easier tools for managing and sourcing workers but we also take care of all of the back office HR and payroll responsibilities for these workers. This allows businesses to focus on their customers – not on employment administration.

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Our mission is to help workers improve their lives by providing them access to more opportunities. Workers who join Spur get access to our suite of benefits and exclusive perks such as discounted services, faster pay options, and low-cost training programs. In addition, Spur workers can earn extra cash by working side gigs at other Spur workplaces in their area.

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Benefits + Perks Administration

Full Payroll + Tax Administration

Simplified Shift Management

Integrated Time Clock

Mobile App for Workers

All HR Compliance & Support

"Try Spur. This concept opens doors to staffing your business with an 'as-needed' staff and alleviates the stress of small-business ownership."

Table in the Garden

"Since we’re a small business, we can't afford a full-time or even part-time worker. We now have the ability to hire workers as needed. We love the flexibility and have found some awesome workers with Spur."

La Rue French Macarons

"Staffing for events has always been one of our hardest tasks. With Spur, we don’t have to worry anymore. I post our jobs, see who and how many are coming, and we are fully prepared with our staff."

Endless Catering, LLC