Spur Makes it Easy for Businesses to be Great Employers

Imagine a world where the administrative cost of being an employer isn’t prohibitively high. You can employ people and never worry about HR and payroll. You can give your workers better benefits and perks, including health insurance with little or no additional cost to you.

Spur makes this a reality today.

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What Makes Spur Different?

Spur doesn’t simply provide you with a set of tools and leave you to figure out how to use them to manage your employment processes. We take a stance on how our workplace partners should approach employment administration.

At Spur, we’ve combined our years of experience administering employment and developing the most efficient best practices with technology tools specifically designed to enable those processes.

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A Worker-Centric Employment Platform

We make it easy for workers to work and get paid, while also enabling businesses to be good employers. This means giving workers access to life changing opportunities like:

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Health Insurance
  • FSA & HSA
  • Retirement Planning
  • Paycards
  • Expedited Pay
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Our Expertise

Insurance & Benefits


Scheduling & Time Tracking

HR Administration

Hiring & Onboarding

Legal & Regulatory Labor Compliance

"Spur has completely eliminated hourly employee HR and payroll administration for our hotels. This has saved our managers countless hours each day."

Yedla Hotel Management

"Spur has friendly and efficient customer service and an innovative and open approach to business. The platform has exceeded our expectations with its features that fit the needs of our business."

Honest Coffee Roasters